Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Locking Plate Instrument Set-II (AO)

 Large Fragment Locking Plate Instrument Set-II(AO)No.REFProductsQty13200-0301Depth Gauge123200-0302Guide Pin Sleeve Ø1.5233200-0303Drill Sleeve Ø3.2343200-0304Small Head Drill Sleeve Ø3.2353200-0305Torque Handle 1.5N.m163200-0306Quick coupling Hex Screw Driver SW2.5273200-0307Lifting Drill183200-0308Dr

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Large Fragment Locking Plate Instrument Set-II(AO)

Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Locking Plate Instrument Set-II (AO)
13200-0301Depth Gauge1
23200-0302Guide Pin Sleeve Ø1.52
33200-0303Drill Sleeve Ø3.23
43200-0304Small Head Drill Sleeve Ø3.23
53200-0305Torque Handle 1.5N.m1
63200-0306Quick coupling Hex Screw Driver SW2.52
73200-0307Lifting Drill1
83200-0308Drill guide Wrench1
93200-0309Self Holding Screw Driver SW2.51
103200-0310Double-end Guide Ø3/41
113200-0311Quick Coupling Drill Bit Ø3.23
123200-0312Quick Coupling Drill Bit Ø32
133200-0313Quick Coupling Self-tapping Tap HA4.01
143200-0314Quick Coupling Locking Screw Tap HC4.01
153200-0315Quick Coupling Self -holding Screwdriver SW2.51
163200-0316Quick Coupling Retractor for Slipping Screws1
173200-0317T Quick Coupling Handle1
183200-0318Straight Quick Coupling Handle1
193200-0319Connection for Quick Coupling Handle1
203200-0320Guide Pin Ø1.53
213200-0321Thread Guide Pin Ø1.53
223200-0322Postion Stopper Wrench1
233200-0323Screw Holder1
243200-0324Periosteal Dissector 8mm/9mm1
253200-0325Periosteal Dissector 12mm1
273200-0327Quick Coupling Countersink Drill1
283200-0328Quick Coupling Hollow Saw For Broken Screw1
293200-0329Sharp End Reduction Forcep1
303200-0330Plate Bender2
313200-0331Self-centering Bone Hold Forcep2
323200-0332Reduction Forcep1
333200-0333Instrument box1

Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Locking Plate Instrument Set-II (AO)
Changzhou Meditech Technology Co., Ltd., located in Changzhou Science & Education Town,
Jiangsu Province, is specialized in manufacturing and selling orthopedic products.

After more than 10 years research and development, we have 9 main products series and they
are spinal system, intramedullary nail system, non-locking plate system, locking plate system,
Cranial Maxillofacial system, external fixator system, medical power tool system, instruments
system and veterinary orthopedic system. 

With CE and ISO 13485 certificates, our products have been exported to USA, England,
Germany, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa,
Ivory Coast, etc.

In the principle of Quality First, Service First, R & D First, Innovation First, the company wins an
excellent reputation both in domestic and abroad. The company takes benefiting patients as its
permanent goal and makes unremitting efforts for human health.
Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Locking Plate Instrument Set-II (AO)
Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Locking Plate Instrument Set-II (AO)

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