Aluminium Plate Positive Plate Ctcp Plate Printing Plate

Bridgehead CTCP plateBridgehead UVH200 positive UV-CTP plate is a kind of  high quality UV-CTP plate , which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .Specially designed for UV TechnologyBridgehead

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Bridgehead CTCP plate

Bridgehead UVH200 positive UV-CTP plate is a kind of  high quality UV-CTP plate , which make the printing enterprise in the production of both economic efficiency at the same time. It is widely used in sheet-fed and web commercial press .
Specially designed for UV Technology
Bridgehead UVH200 positive UV-CTP plate is a UV-CTP plate developed to meet the market requirements for plate-making speed and efficiency. The plate which is specifically designed for the CTcP technology, the features of UV- PH is that a new UV photosensitive layer formula and high quality electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum substrate.
Excellent printing performance
With new photosensitive layer fomula and high-quality substrate treatment technology, the plate has a precisely dot reduction, excellent ink balance performance and superior wear resistance. The run length is up to150, 000 impressions without baking. It can also be used in UV-ink printing after baking.
High-quality image performance
bridgehead UVH200  positive UV-CTP plate has a high resolution and it can achieve 2 to 98% @ 250lpi AM screening resolution and 25 micron  FM screening resolution .
Excellent stability and adaptability
bridgehead UVH200 positive UV-CTP plate has good storage stability.  In the shelf life, its sensitivity, dot reduction and other properties are almost unchanged.
bridgehead UVH200 positive UV-CTP is suitable for the mainstream UV-CTP platesetters, good development adaptability, as the best choice for the offset packaging and commercial printing.
Plate TypePositive UV-CTP plate
SubstrateElectronically grained and anodized aluminum substrate
Applicationcommercial Sheetfed and rotary press printing.
Spectral sensitivity350-460mm UV light, especially 400-410mm UV laser.
PlatesetterCompatible with mainstream UV-CTP platesetters  in the market.
Exposure energy30-35mW(Cron UV-4632CI type platesetter , parameters 1000 rpm).)
Resolution2-98%@250lpi(Platesetters in different resolution will have difference).)
ProcessorCompatible with mainstream processors in the market
DeveloperBridgehead positive PS plate developer are recommended.
The ratio of developer (PD: water)1:3-1:4
Developing Temperature24±1ºC
Developing time20-30 seconds 
Dynamic replenishment100-150ml/m2
Safelightsyellow light handing
Working conditionsOperating temperature 21-25 ºC (room temperature), relative humidity 40-60%
Storage conditionStorage temperature:15-27ºC,relative humidity: 25-60%,shelf life:18 months under recommended storage condition
Run lengthUp to 150,000 impressions without baking. Actual run length will have differences according to press/paper/ink/chemicals conditions
Aluminium Plate Positive Plate Ctcp Plate Printing Plate

Located at Hangzhou City Zhejiang Province,Bridgehead Co., Ltd . It is a large research and production base on our factory can manufacture offset printing plate, graphic-arts film, flexo printing plate to serve printing industry from every aspect.

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Aluminium Plate Positive Plate Ctcp Plate Printing Plate


Aluminium Plate Positive Plate Ctcp Plate Printing PlateAluminium Plate Positive Plate Ctcp Plate Printing Plate

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The major products of our company are UV plate, CTP plate ( Thermal CTP plate, Double Coating CTP plate , Violet Photopolymer CTP plate, Processless plate), CTcP plate and Graphic arts Film, UV ink.

Advanced electrochemical graining, anodizing and coating technology guarantee the highest quality in plate coating and substrate;

High quality coating ensures fast imaging, rapid developing and perfect dot reproduction.

Strict inspection makes the high quality of the plates;

We keep the highest quality level for all our products. As a result, the brand Bridgehead is synonymous with quality and reliability.

We give the best service, support and cooperation, as well as ensure the shortest possible deadlines.

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5. 24 hours' online technical support.
Aluminium Plate Positive Plate Ctcp Plate Printing Plate

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