Rush's Alex Lifeson releases new song, providing enviable no updates

2021-11-25 03:56:46 By : Ms. Kelly Zheng

Rush's Alex Lifeson released a new instrumental song "Cherry Lopez Lullaby" and introduced fans to the progress of his upcoming Envy of None album.

The three-minute track features Lifeson, a fusion of textured electric guitar drones and chaotic acoustic plucking, arranged on a leisurely drum slot. Silent singing occasionally floats in the psychedelic vortex.

Lifeson announced the song via a newsletter, which contains pre-order information for his upcoming LERXST Bluetooth speaker. He also introduced the song in detail in a humorous note, saying that the song was written in Los Angeles during Rush's 2012 LP, Clockwork Angel's remix.

"I was interviewed by High Times, and the interviewer brought a friend, a respected grower, who provided a sample of creation called Cherry Lopez," he wrote. "Because I am on the EST biological clock, I get up at 5:00 am most of the time. I order coffee, sit on the balcony of the hotel room, read the newspaper, wake up and bake, and then sneak in to make some funny sounds , And city is waking up. During this time I borrowed some acoustic and electric guitars, thank goodness, because sitting there waiting to go to the studio is tedious, of course, a bowl of cherries keeps my appetite healthy."

You can hear the song below.

In a similarly interesting video about his newsletter, Lifeson pointed out that the recently teased Envy of None project-starring bassist Andy Curran and lead singer Maya Wayne and others-is "appearing ".

"It sounds great," he said in the clip, awkwardly placed next to the computer. "We are mixing it. It will be good. It will be good music."

Curran talked to UCR about Envy of None in June, saying that Lifeson had already completed 10 songs for the album. The bassist warned that the music is very different from Rush, describing "psychedelic and dark" material with "popular elements."

"I think there is a lot of Alex Lifeson in it," he said. "There are some beautiful guitars, and he plays them all over the place.... It's like, if you can imagine that Massive Attack might have some electronic things with the effect of nine-inch nails, with this beautiful, fragile, and sweet Sounds and some very, very dark, heavy sounds. This is what this project sounds like."