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Jet Black's indoor cycling kit is designed to complement virtual training, so how does it stack up?

In the past 5 to 10 years, cycling has undergone many major changes, and I dare say that indoor online training is the biggest development.

Of course, the existence of fixed training is almost as long as the bicycle itself. Have you ever seen a basic bicycle with a drive system moving an image of a painted mural of a rural landscape on a huge paper roll?

Smart training, the ability to ride, train, or compete with others around the world, is undoubtedly one of the biggest technological leaps in the history of the sport.

But one problem with stationary training is the almost sedentary nature of stationary bicycle settings. Although it is almost unobtrusive, in the real world, outdoor riding provides more lateral or side-to-side movement than we thought. Returning from a good ride from climbing, downhill and flat to undulating countryside, you will not only feel the effect of riding on your legs, but also through your core, arms, wrists and shoulders.

Indoor trainers are a game changer, but they lack lateral movement. Another negative factor of the indoor trainer is the pressure of the fixed position and the main resting position on the ischium. so far.

Jet Black Cycling, based in Sydney, has been producing a series of indoor sports shoes and accessories for many years. Their Volt has developed into one of the leading electromagnetic smart trainers available and has become one of the better machines on the market and one of the most valuable machines.

Never satisfied with their laurels, Tony Simmons and the Jet Black team are impressive operators. Getting them on the phone is a task in itself. Visiting their warehouses and offices, you can't help being inspired by their enthusiasm and excitement, in terms of new products and internal R&D.

The Jet Black indoor training ecosystem combines all the above-mentioned time, technology and energy, and the company now provides a full range of products and accessories for the growing smart coach market.

The Volt trainer mentioned earlier is the core of the series, and other items complement its performance and increase the overall experience. Including rocker arm plate, front wheel steering plate, coach special TV stand and floor mats.

I received a notification reminding me that the delivery has been completed. It is exciting to come home and see the towering Jet Black boxes in the garage.

Unpacking and assembly is a relatively simple matter, and it takes about two hours from start to finish. Contains complete schematic descriptions and tools-so no need to add them here.

Completely assembled, how do you ride it?

First, when you ride on your favorite indoor training platform, the rocker plate provides a more realistic road feel and activates your core. The rocking action can be changed and adjusted with two orange inflatable balls (yes, including the mini pump), which greatly improves riding comfort by reducing the pressure on the sit bones.


We found that these improved ergonomics have a significant impact on the overall comfort of the "riding" indoor trainer. The side-to-side swing motion feels natural and realistic, and is as close to the real riding experience as possible.

Of particular note is the feeling of full-body exercise after riding. During the exercise, you can feel most of the weight and pressure on your sit bones through your core, arms, shoulders, and of course your legs.

Go to the forward block. A very simple invention and addition, but slightly lifting the front wheel off the ground and allowing slight left/right movement, once again improved the overall indoor experience and added realism to the ride. Although this movement is very slight, it will be transmitted through the arm, again preventing stiffness or excessive pressure caused by long-term lack of exercise.

Jet Black Trainer Mat is made of sound-absorbing, high-density neoprene foam, which integrates the entire ecosystem into a smooth, professional and well-integrated setup. It will help protect the floor from sweat or even grease or oil in the drivetrain, and frankly, we would not train without a bicycle mat.

Finally arrived at the TV cabinet, which is a particularly innovative product. Probably the world's first dedicated indoor coach TV stand, this is a sturdy and very sturdy accessory designed to support monitors up to 65 inches. The ergonomically designed bracket is designed around the rider's height and neck angle, whether in the descent or in the hood. It is adjustable in height, has a convenient tray on the front, and a tripod for perfect positioning.

Overall, this setting (especially the rocker board) provides a more comfortable and enjoyable indoor training experience.

We feel much less pressure on the sit bones, wrists and shoulders, and ultimately ride more comfortably for a longer period of time. This must be a good thing!

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