DePuy Synthes Launches Next Generation Variable Angle Clavicle Plate System-Medical Design and Outsourcing

2021-11-25 03:16:32 By : Mr. Richard Wang

DePuy Synthes, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, designed the VA LCP Clavicle Plate System to treat lateral, axial and medial fractures of small, medium and large clavicles.

According to the press release, the plate shape provided by the new system reflects the correlation between the patient's height and the size of the clavicle to match the arch and contour of the clavicle, while using a thinner plate to accommodate the wide anatomical variation of the clavicle, and more accurate plate placement Fit bones and reduce protrusion.

DePuy Synthes viewed more than 600 clavicle CT scans from a wide range of patients, and simultaneously analyzed 15 different parameters on the bones to determine the correlation between the patient's height and the shape of the clavicle, thereby designing an enhanced plate-to-bone sticker A wide range of well-fitted low-profile panels.

The company said that the VA LCP clavicle system will be launched globally this year.

IV Hall, President of DePuy Synthes Global Trauma, Limbs, CMF and Animal Health, said in a press release: "There is a great need for a treatment that can adapt to the anatomical variation of the clavicle in patients experiencing these types of fractures." "We are very proud to provide this new system as ours. Part of a comprehensive limb product portfolio."

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