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King of Prussia, Pennsylvania--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Camber Spine, a leading innovator in spine and medical technology, announced that Dr. James B. Blankenship, a neurosurgery specialist practicing at the Fayetteville Neurosurgery Spine Center, Arkansas, has now succeeded He implanted his 400th ENZA-A Titanium ALIF implant.

Camber Spine’s ENZA-A ALIF implant is an all-titanium 3D printed structure with a lower and upper surface, specially designed with a controlled trabecular pattern to create an environment for fusion. The well-designed surface includes holes with an average diameter of 500 microns-this is the best environment for arthrodesis to occur.

ENZA-A uses a unique anchoring system that consists of two sharp anchor plates that translate from the inside of the device in an angled up and down direction to firmly fix the device to adjacent vertebrae by providing instant stability . Its inserter instrument consists of a slender shape and few components, allowing for simpler configuration and direct visualization of implantation.

"I have been a spine surgeon for more than 30 years," said Dr. Blankenship, who performed the first ENZA-A implant about two years ago. "The ENZA-A implant is by far the best implant I have used. The system eliminates the need for electroplating, thereby eliminating the inherent risk of damage to surrounding structures. The average I inserted after the disc was prepared The time is less than 5 minutes. The surface design can not only pass through the window but also directly integrate the bone into the surface of the implant itself. Since using this implant, I have used other PEEK implants with integrated plates or screws in the past. Compared with things, my sinking rate is basically zero."

"In addition, if corrections are needed, the insertion mechanism can make this very easy compared to other implants," Dr. Blankenship continued. "The insertion device has undergone many changes, and now in my opinion, it is the easiest to use, with the greatest visualization through insertion. In my opinion, it is by far the best on the market."

"We thank Dr. Blankenship and other early adopters like him for their focus on innovation to achieve simpler, simpler, and less invasive methods to treat debilitating back pain," Camber Spine co-founder and CEO Officer Daniel Pontecorvo said. "ENZA-A Titanium ALIF can be inserted, deployed, and locked through the inserter's online instrument, which reduces complexity and operation time. Surgeons and surgical opinion leaders like Dr. Blankenship choose to use our technology so frequently. It’s an honor. We are proud to provide him with the tools needed to achieve the desired patient outcome."

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Arkansas neurosurgeon Dr. James Blankenship successfully implanted his 400th ENZA-A titanium ALIF implant, manufactured by Camber Spine.

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