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CDMG Metal Buildings, a metal building company based in Canonsburg, PA, has recently released an article that explains how to design an airplane hangar using pre-engineered metal buildings. They want to point out that CDMG has design options for meeting the specific requirements for constructing an airplane hangar using a pre-engineered metal building. These buildings are made of steel, which is a suitable building material for aviation buildings because of its durability, design flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmentally friendly characteristics. More about this article can be learned at the following link Ladders And Scaffolding

CDMG Metal Buildings Explains How to Design an Airplane Hangar Using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building - Digital Journal

One of the benefits CDMG states is that pre-engineered metal buildings allow for aircraft hangar customization. Thomas M. Corry, Manager of Business Development at CDMG, says, “With metal hangar-building kits, you can design your hangar exactly how you want with steel building kits. With various door options, your new steel hangar kit can be made to fit any aircraft. All administrative, operational, maintenance, warehousing, and equipment storage areas can be under one roof. You can easily add mezzanines and maintenance areas to your building design, as well as multiple door systems. Steel structures can be designed with a green building strategy, providing cost savings and saving energy. And you can also design hangars with clear-span framing for more than one plane if you want to store a collection of aircrafts.”

These prefabricated steel buildings can also be designed to include storage for airport operations and commercial aircraft, personal aircraft fleets, crop dusters, military aircraft, and more. With different door options, such as bi-fold doors and flexible floor plans, the hangar’s design can be made to fit the specific needs of any building.

With steel building kits, it is possible to design an airplane hangar that will suit specific needs. There are various considerations for an airplane hangar. For instance, there is a need to choose between the arched and the rigid frame. Rigid frame hangars, which appear like large, rectangular buildings with slightly sloping roofs, can provide the aircraft with more protection and coverage because they are typically in the form of fully enclosed structures. Thus, they are most appropriate for those who want to protect the aircraft from heavy rain, strong winds, and snow or want to keep the hangar locked to ensure protection from theft.

On the other hand, arched hangars are usually less expensive than rigid frame hangars because they are not fully enclosed. The primary benefit is having a wider space for maneuvering the planes inside the hangar. It also doesn’t have doors, which is convenient when the planes are frequently used. The disadvantage is that the aircraft is exposed to the elements and also to possible theft. Other considerations are the interior layout and possible expansion.

Meanwhile, metal buildings are most suitable for aircraft hangars due to affordability and energy efficiency. A metal building offers the most cost-effective way to construct an aircraft hangar. In addition, metal hangars are practically maintenance-free. And metal buildings can save a lot of energy because they are provided with advanced coatings that are Energy Star-approved. Metal roofs also reflect sunlight better than other roofs.

Established in 1991, CDMG Metal Buildings is one of the top metal building companies serving industrial customers in the United States. At CDMG, they fully understand that the success of construction projects primarily depends on effective teamwork among the various project participants, thorough planning and scheduling, and sound engineering and design principles. They provide regular, detailed reports to assure customers that a project is running smoothly.

Those who would like to know more about using pre-engineered metal buildings for constructing airplane hangars and finding a reliable metal building supplier can visit the CDMG Metal Buildings website or contact them through the telephone or via email.

For more information about CDMG Metal Buildings, contact the company here:

CDMG Metal Buildings Thomas M. Corry (724) 873-4700 [email protected] Southpointe Industrial Park 150 Technology Drive Canonsburg, PA 15317

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CDMG Metal Buildings Explains How to Design an Airplane Hangar Using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building - Digital Journal

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